Do you live in Milan and would like to train yourself playing football? From February to June 2019 ASD Antacalciomilano Football Fitness organizes football training courses for adult people. Are you working in Milan and would like to dedicate 1 hour of your time per week with a dedicated expert football coach and a trainer? This is a new opportunity created for all those that are no more young but still would like to enter in the green field and breath the football feeling: 20 weeks of football in a-7-aside field, one hour per week divided into different sections between physical training and training with the ball. And all trainings will end with a friendly match btween the course participants:

Football fitness – 7aside football field

for all those that cannot resist

For those who moved away from football from some time, for those who want to be trained before playing matches, for those who need to recover more strength and endurance but gradually playing football, carefully guided. Not a football team, but football training for everybody!


From February 4th to June 24th 2019. 1 hour per week. 20 weeks of football fitness on 7-a-side football field.


Coming soon (the sports center is located in Milan, South zone)

Courses Monday 8 to 9pm – 7-a-side football field

Trainings description

Each training is conducted by a registered coach and a personal trainer expert in football. The training is dedicated to adult people (ideally in their 40s-60s) with a gradual physical training and specific football training. Antacalciomilano is not a football team to play matches but is the place where to play football as a training. Each session is coordinated by an experienced coach and a personal trainer.

How to register to the course

Please go to “Modulo Iscrizione” section to download the document to register. Send a mail to antacalciomilano@gmail.com in advance to check for availability.

In anycase, to prepare the needed information in advance consider that you’ll be required to present a valid medical certificate for non-competitive sports activities

The course costs is €350 for 5 months period, 20 training weeks, with wirth each session coordinated by an experienced coach and a personal trainer

Please send a mail to Antacalciomilano@gmail.com for more information.