Football training in a-7-aside field for adults players

Antacalciomilano (Milan) proposes a football training course for non-young people/players. The workouts are designed to restart playing in all serenity. Always led by a coach with a FIGC Uefa B license and an athletic football trainer. From the combination of the work of two experts in the field, we have built a course of soccer training in a-7-aside field (The sport Centre name will be communicated shortly and will be in Milan south zone).

The training sessions are designed to allow each member to gradually come back into shape and return to the world of football. If instead the form is not a problem, the workouts will allow you to improve the technical qualities. During training you will have the ball between your feet for a time certainly higher than a match between friends.

The workouts are useful to gradually regain confidence with the ball, with your body and with the sensitivity of your foot. Playing football is less stressful than, for example, a workout at the gym. Everything with attention to the needs of each participant, the technical part and the athletic part.


Standard training format

Training session for adults, 1 hour per week, composed by of a first phase of body / muscles activation with exercises extracted from the The11 + guide issued by FIFA in 2011. The main objective is a correct warm-up of the players in order to reduce the risks of injuries. This phase lasts for a maximum of 10min.

This is followed by exercises with and without a ball to stimulate strength and endurance (slalom with sprints and short-range situations). This phase lasts for a maximum of 30-35min.

Final phase consisting of a game of about 15-20min, at the end of which there will be static muscle stretching exercises (5 min).

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