Who We are

Antacalciomilano is an idea aboit passion for football for everybody, regardless the age. We believe that football training has many positive aspects for personal health and lifestyle. The initiative have been studied and prepared in 2018 and the training on the green field are going to start in 2019, February. One training session per week, fro 21 weks. In the future the idea is to extend it and increase collaborations opportunities. If you are interested in collaborating with us (as a sports center, football coach or football trainer) send a mail to antacalciomilano@gmail.com.

Roberto Cocchi

Born in Rome 50 years ago, Milanese by adoption. Manager of an international bank, same wife for twenty years and happy, volleyball daughter and overweight dog. Linear career, good friends, a lot of sport but a regret … football.

Good defender as a boy but too light ankles and abandoned dreams of glory …

And now the project: found Antacalcicomilano to remain close to the football, to maintain alive the joy to play football crearing football training courses for lovers of the ball, for those who played, for those that regardless of the age are still interested to improve, for those who have suffered some injury in his past and now would come back on a field to train, helped by expert staff, for those who go to the gym and get bored but want to get back into shape, for those who want to get closer to its technical level , for those who want to go back to breathe football in the field and not just on TV. For those who love football and not only the final result of the game and who likes to enter a pitch and from that moment sees only a green field, a ball and playmates.


Fine anni 70, quando facevo parte dell’Atletico Roma

“I am one of those who started playing in the street and still remembers it as one of the best moments of his life. I am one of those that right after all the games of the WorldCup in Spain in 1982 used to play football in the street with friends in the neighborhood still enthusiastic about Pablito Rossi’s goals. I am one that still love to have a ball between the feet trying the same feelings I had as a kid ”

Sharing the passion for the ball, because in the end WE ARE CALCIO !!!!




Fabio Fonsati

Coach with FIGC Coni and Uefa B license. 50 years, long experience as a coach earned on soccer fields. He trains teams for 15 years and is currently head of a football school in a Monza and Brianza Club. He believes in football and the idea of Football Fitness and has decided to make his experience and enthusiasm available to Antacalciomilano.

Luca Dal Degan

Graduated in physical education with a thesis on football and human physiology. ISSA certified personal trainer. In the past he worked at the Virgin Active gym in Milan. Football carrier in the past in some clubs in Milan and surrounding areas. A huge passion for football now associated with the ability to teach football following a program and a specific protocol for adult athletes.